Agnese Kleina — Visual Journalist


Agnese is always on the lookout. For the stories. Written. Visual. Whichever sends the message best. Whichever dots her envisioned i’s. Story-building is her forte and point of departure. And she’s willing to share it. Either via her own projects or lending a hand (and pencil) to those in need for their story to be told right. And bright.

Copywriter / Brand Communicator

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Agnese contributes to the individual story-building of various brands – both world-renowned and up and coming. Among them is Wallpaper* City Guide Riga, Nike, H&M, Latvian chair-makers WENDEN, mattress manufacturer HEAVENS as well as interior design accessories’ brands MUNIO HOME and ANNA KILPE. Contact Agnese if you’re in search for a person giving your brand a voice.


Editor in Chief


From 2010 and up to 2013 Agnese was in charge of the Latvian interior and lifestyle magazine DEKO. Believing that home is about people, she enriched the magazine with a unique voice many wanted to listen to. At DEKO she also devised an award-winning digital campaign to promote an exclusive art issue.

In 2014, together with graphic designer Madara Krieviņa, Agnese created and self-published the first English/Latvian bookazine Benji Knewman. Featuring “life that you can read” and telling the Latvian story in international language, it is sold in 23 countries across the world.

Let’s Work Together

For written, branded or edited matter use the address below. I’ll get back to you shortly —