Life that you can read. Printed in Latvia, curated for the world. In Volume 5 we meet a marketing professor who has never owned a mobile phone. Then there’s a German man who interviews celebrities and discovers a long-lost film. We get behind an orchestra and learn that they too are only people. Also, a 65-year-old motorbike connoisseur almost breaks his neck. A Latvian graphic artist speaks his mind while some get naked and intimate about their scars.

Benji Knewman Vol.4

Vol.4 of #lifethatyoucanread is all about displacement: from the upside down cover to the stories dealing with all kinds of the mentioned concept. The legendary ballet dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov admits to fear of a fall. A young man in Riga explores his body while another young man in Toronto travels back to his native Tehran, Iran. Benji Knewman Vol.4 was awarded with golden medal in Adwards 2016 (Printart & Design).


Portfolio for architecture bureau OPEN AD

At Benji Knewman, everything is simple: I deliver the part of editor-in-chief and occasional copywriter while Madara Krieviņa is in charge of editorial design. This experience has led us into the market of corporate publications. Earlier this year our editorial duo was asked to give a helping hand to architect Zane Tetere-Šulce. The result: a two-story portfolio book with colour coded sides and black textured cover with embossed bureau's logo.


Benji Knewman Vol.3

Now. There are six chapters in this volume of Benji Knewman bookazine. Turn on audio on your computer/tablet and hear and see them all in action (click on the cover photo above). Made in Riga, curated for the world. Shipped worldwide.


Benji Knewman Vol.2

Along the five chapters of this issue we touch the soft skin on the exposed backs of stylish New Yorkers and follow a curious man who’s in search of forgotten film houses. Benji Knewman Vol.2 was featured on Magculture where it got compared to Wes Anderson and Richard Linklater (think Boyhood). Shortlisted as Magazine of the year, Stack Awards 2015.


Benji Knewman Vol.1

Meet Benji Knewman, the first English/Latvian bookazine in the world. Seriously, nothing like this has ever been made in this part of Europe. Or anywhere else for that matter. Commended for Launch of the year, Stack Awards 2015.


The Planner 2015

Titled This Weird Place Latvia, it is the most Latvian of them all. Featuring dark grey hard cover with embossed drawing of Latvian potato by Agrita Krievina, The Planner 2015 deals with all things characteristic to Latvia.


The Planner 2014

The show goes on. Agnese travels to London, Paris, Kyoto and Tulum (Mexico) to work on custom travel guides of the cities as seen through the eyes of her friends living there. The planner is completely sold out in two weeks leaving many with empty hands. The respectable design guide Its Nice That calls it “the sweetest damn travel guide we ever did see”.


The Planner 2013

Ready for more, Agnese sets on an adventure called “show me your crib”. The second planner covers untamed living and working spaces. The planner runs with two covers – mint green and graphite gray – and is sold out within five weeks. A new must have is born.


The Planner 2012

It starts on a whim. Eager to provide an alternative to Google calendar while still maintaining some local expression, Agnese creates a one of a kind limited-edition year planner under the name of her blog, Whimsical Agnesiga. Nicknamed The Planner, it has dark blue velvet covers and interviews with Agnese’s friends: designers, photographers and creative thinkers.