December 17, 20151 COMMENTS

There’s something about people in photos. You see their face, their dress, their wrinkles perhaps. But you never see their personal scent. What is the perfume they’re wearing? Is there one at all? Pictures of Tilda Swinton are one of a kind. One could easily produce a calendar with a different portrait of Tilda for each of 365 days […]

December 8, 20150 COMMENTS
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I first met Ivars Gansons from Darbnīca when I needed to solve a problem with sneakers and he seemed the right go-to guy. Mentioned sneakers were having a life of their own scattered around the hallway simply because there was no cabinet for them. Ivars made one and it was – still is – great. Then I moved […]

December 6, 20150 COMMENTS

Now. There are six chapters in this volume of Benji Knewman bookazine. Turn on audio on your computer/tablet and hear and see them all in action here. If you decide you want to have a copy to savour all these stories at your own space and pace, you can get it here. Made in Riga, curated […]

December 3, 20150 COMMENTS

In the midst of fashion seasons, showroom dates and cash flow Excel sheets, fashion designers have little to no time at all to take a look at the big picture — to assess what has been accomplished and to look ahead into the future. While preparing for the Spring–Summer 2016 collection release, creators of the […]